Thrive Baltimore is a dynamic community resource center located in the Station North community of Baltimore City. Run by a collective of food, environmental and social justice activists, our mission is to provide education, resources and support to anyone interested in adopting a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.


Part of Thrive Baltimore’s mission is to provide free plant-based cooking demos, nutrition lectures, food tastings, film screenings and other fun, informational programming in an open, socially conscious environment that makes it a space where all are welcome. We’re dedicated to encouraging people to make healthier, kinder choices that will enable them to live more conscious lifestyles.


By offering low-cost delicious vegan food at all our events, we at Thrive Baltimore are doing our part to raise awareness and address the health disparities and food access issues that plague Baltimore City. We’re also providing a practical alternative to the current food systems which cause so much harm to our health, our planet and the animals with whom we share the Earth.